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The standard rate charged to hire a car from B-Rent, already includes a limitation of liability for the Renter. This implies that in the unlucky event that your hire car is stolen or damaged, you won't be liable to reimburse the entire cost of the vehicle to the Company. This provided that you have not decided to further reduce your liability for theft and damages, purchasing our excess reduction while booking online or before picking up your hire car. For further details, please, check our General Rental Terms and Conditions.

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free to drive

Free to drive

The Free to Drive formula reduces the security deposit for your hire car to 90€ and charges for theft and damages to 0 €

The Free to Drive formula releases you from any liability in case of theft or damages to your hire car and reduces the security deposit to 90 €. However, this applies slightly differently to the J, J Top and J Suv categories, where although charges for damages are completely cleared, the security deposit is 750 €, and the same goes for charges resulting from theft. Furthermore, if you are hiring a car in Apulia, even if the Free to Drive formula fully discharges you in case of damages, the excess reduction for theft is 400€ and the security deposit is 490€.

comfort cover

Comfort Cover

The Comfort Cover formula reduces the security deposit to 490€ and charges for theft, up to 400€, with zero excess in case of damages.

The Comfort Cover reduces your liability in case of theft to 400€ and the security deposit to 490€, with no further charges in case of damages. However, if you are hiring a car from the J, J Top or J Suv categories the excess reduction for theft is 750€ while the security deposit is 840€.

Both, Free to Drive and Comfort Cover will lose their effectiveness in case of damages resulting from disregard or negligence by the renter, as in case of misfuelling (diesel instead of petrol and vice versa); damages to car’s interior; loss/damage of: high-visibility vest: child safety seat, snow chains, vehicle registration certificate, keys, GPS navigation system, licence plate; damage to the wheels or tyres (driving on unpaved roads or under the influence of drugs/alcohol); damage caused by natural disasters. In the event of a car accident concerning all the rental agreements issued in Campania, the customer must pay 1200€ (Basic rental), 1000€ (Comfort Cover) and 850€ (Free to Drive).

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